Universal Panel Meter

We pioneer the DPM with our patented Powerless™ technology.  Now we bring you the culmination of over 40 years of inventiveness and technological development, but with a lifetime warranty!

The Universal Panel Meter (UPM) is a variation of our award-winning series NTM and uses the same hardware, same SV&V firmware and offers the same reliability.  Only the display is different, since the NTM features bar-digital, while the UPM is alphanumeric.  Both series offer automatic tricolor for the best HMI and isolated serial I/O for the best MMI.  

Now approved for Class 1E (nuclear).  



The models in green are currently available. Contact sales@otekcorp.com for updates or more information.

The UPM Series Features:
  ● Alpha-Numeric Tri-Color LED Display
  ● Upto 6 Characters/Channel 
  ● 0.01% Resolition
  ● 4 Relays / SSR Alarms
  ● 1 to 4 Isolated Channels
  ● 1 to 4 4-20mA Outputs
  ● Math Functions and Tables
  ● Isolated USB/485/Ethernet/Memory
  ● Self Diagnostics 
  ● DCS / SCADA / Stand Alone PAC
  ● Signal / Loop / Universal Power
  ● >10<100mW Power Requirement
  ● Input Failure Alarm and Report
  ● >30 Analog / Serial Inputs
  ● MIL / Nuclear / Industrial Grades
  ● SV&V Hardware and Firmware
  ● Explosion Proof Certified 
  ● DIN Rail / Panel Transmitter
  ● Customs Welcome
  ● Lifetime Warranty
  ● Proudly made in the USA
Replace Fit, Form & Function the:
Any 1/4 DIN (96x96mm) Meter with the UPM-A
Any 1/8 DIN DPM with the UPM-0
Any 3 x 6” Meter with the UPM-5
Any 4” ANSI Switchboard with the UPM-3
Any Explosion Proof Meter with the UPM-X
GA 2000 with the UPM-R
Chessel’s 700 with the UPM-4
DB40 with the UPM-3
OTEK “Flat Pack” with the UPM-F
OTEK 400-414 with the UPM-F
OTEK 516-528 with the UPM-F
OTEK BDM with the UPM-0
OTEK FPM with the UPM-F
OTEK HI-Q123 with the UPM-3
OTEK HI-Q124 with the UPM-3
OTEK HI-QTBS with the UPM-3
OTEK LPE with the UPM-L
OTEK LPM with the UPM-L
OTEK LPX with the UPM-X
OTEK SPM with the UPM-0
Velonex B with the UPM-L
Weschler BF6400 with the UPM-3

Contact Otek for model availability.

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