How to Prepare for Obsolesence

"Obsolescence is inevitable and the only way to manage it cost effectively is to put a plan in place . Think of it as a preventive maintenance program for products," as stated by Myron Pugh, vice president and engineering director of Foliage, in the most recent issue of Control Engineering. At OTEK we took obsolescence into consideration with our new product lines. Our new NTM and UPM series use multi-vendor sourcing to reduce obsolescence.

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New Part Number Builder for NTM Series

To avoid unnecessary delays in the ordering process, we are giving the power back to our customers by providing an online do-it-yourself part configurator for our NTM series. As a customer, you will be able to build a part and get pricing within seconds. You can begin your search by selecting the housing size you need, your input signal or power input requirements, or even your channel requirements (etc).

UPM Series Featured in Editorial by Mike Bacidore

Mike Bacidore (Editor in Chief at Control Design) wrote a fantastic feature about OTEK's upcoming UPM series. The series is scheduled to be released in late May. Be one of the first to know about this new series of alpha-numeric display meters!


Variables in processes like temperature, pressure, vibration, frequency, voltage, and current must constantly be monitored.

The NTM is the choice meter!

Our new series of analog/digital meters has really taken command over standard analog and digital meters. The NTM Series is our latest technology and there is nothing like it on the market. The series includes a replacement unit for virtually all analog and digital meters. 

Looking for a Loop Powered Digital LED Indicator?

The 4-20mA current loop has proven to be a simple, effective, and reliable means of transmitting electronic signals and power on a single pair of wires. Since current is constant for all points in a loop, current loops can transmit lossless signals over kilometers of wiring. Large facilities have widely adopted the 4-20mA signal as a primary means of data transmission to ensure signal integrity.

Evolving LED Technology has Rendered the LCD Obsolete

Digital Panel Meter (DPM) users have always had a difficult choice to make when it comes to their display. While having options available to the industry is necessary, it also creates a complex decision making process.

HI-Q101 Scheduled to be discontinued

Our model HI-Q101 is scheduled to be discontinued due to the increased unavailability of required parts and components.

Measuring is Improving: the Importance of Accurate Measurement in Industry

One of the most important factors in running a successful business is the ability to maintain control.


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