November 2012


The New DCS series uses the signal to power itself for inputs of 3-200VDC or 2-100mADC (ACV, A, W & Hz)!  The DCS replaces many 3 ½” analog meters in a true Form, Fit and Function, and instead of the often inaccurate needle you get 4 ½ digits (0.01% resolution) of LED or backlit LCD.

Otek's New Circular LCD Auto Tri-Color Bargraph with Triple Display

OTEK Corporation has recently developed a new LCD circular bargraph with a triple digital display.  Originally designed for light rail, the model HI-Q127 is ideal for applications with the need for numerical and (limited) alphabetical character display.  The unit features a unique 51 segment LCD bargraph. Three independent digital displays and an automatic tri-color backlight are controlled by limits adjustable via serial I/O.

Loop Powered Bargraph Replaces Analog Switchboard Meter

OTEK introduces its model LSB as part of its new series of loop powered meters.  For years the industry has wanted “New Technology” (micro-processor based serial I/O) to replace old analog meters that require no power input. A typical user is the NUCLEAR power industry where thousands of meters were wired years ago without provision for power to the meters.  To add power to the panels or adding an extra “burden” to the loop would be uneconomical.