January 2013

New Technology Bargraph Replaces Popular Discontinued Series

Otek Corporation has released its model HI-Q101 bargraph that replaces form, fit and function of the widely-used but discontinued Ametek/Dixson series BE101 and BE051.  The new HI-Q101 includes Otek’s proven hardware and firmware of its HI-Q series, such as automatic tricolor bargraph, +4 digits, relays, O.C.T., RS232, 485 and USB, vertical or horizontal moun


Otek Corporation is offering its model HI-QTBS programmable intelligent controller with an explosion proof housing approved for Class I, II, and III, CENELEC, EEx and NEMA 4, 7 and 9 application requirements in the petrochemical, military, mining, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and biomedical industries.  The new “EP” case can withstand steam temperatures up to 250°F and is panel, pipe or wall mount.  Other cases available:  “Sanitary” to 250°F and standard switchboard plastic

Smart Serial I/O Bargraph/Digital Meter

Otek’s HI-QSLIM series bargraphs feature V/mADC and/or RS232C/485 input.  Measuring only 0.95"W x 6”H x 1.8”D, three different models are available with either 51 or 101 segments and a 2-digit display, or a 7-segment, (8) 0.6” digits display with limited alpha characters and 0-9 numerals plus decimal points. Other features include 5VDC, 10-32VDC and 90-265VAC power input, zero & span front panel controls, vertical and horizontal mount.

New Serial Input (RS232/485/USB) Remote Display

Designed to meet DOD specifications, the new model HI-QREM panel meter accepts RS232/485 as well as USB V2, which can also be used to power the meter with a maximum of 200mA @ 5VDC. This (5) digit 0.6” LED unit accepts and displays 0-9 numerals as well as modified alpha characters for messages such as “TEST,” “LIMIT,” “RANGE,” etc. The display intensity can be externally adjusted via a potentiometer or via serial commands.

Universal Meter Needs No Panel Cut-Out


NEW Edgewise Bargraph Monitor/Controller

The new automatic tricolor bargraph Model EBD features USB/Ethernet communication in a standard edgewise 5.70x1.77”x2” case. The unit is available as an indicator only for V/mADC inputs including current loops (4-20mA) or as a process controller/data logger with features such as RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet, 4 relay outputs, analog outputs, and math functions with polynomials and “Look-up” tables.  An optional 4 GB memory card (uSD) for data logging is available.


This new automatic tri-color bargraph model BDM features 51 LED segments with set point indicators allowing the operator to validate process status at a glance.  The four (4) digit display provides an accurate value of the signal with ±0.01% resolution.