February 2013

HI-Q119 Automatic Tricolor Bargraph Replaces Analog Meters, Nuclear Qualified

Available with either 1 or 2 bargraphs and digital display(s), Otek’s model HI-Q119 replaces “form and fit” any 6” bargraph, either analog or unicolor LED units without the need for expensive panel changes.

HI-Q118 bargraph - Single, Dual or Triple Digital Automatic Tricolor Bargraph Meets Nuclear, Mil and Industrial Specs

Otek’s bargraph model HI-Q118 not only replaces form and fit the discontinued Foxboro analog Model “257” but it also allows you to have 21st century technology in your plant without making expensive changes to your panel.

Triple Automatic Tricolor Bargraph HI-Q117 Meets Nuclear, Mil0-Spec and Industrial Specs

Otek’s model HI-Q117 programmable intelligent controller was designed to replace from and fit T.A. Bailey’s model 775.  The unit has three 51 segment bargraphs and (3) 4-digit displays.  That’s not all; the P.I.C.

New Hi-Q116 Single-Dual Automatic Tricolor Edgewise Bargraph Indicator Display Replaces Analog Bargraphs!

If you have been using the popular T.A. Bailey’s Model “RY” and no longer have access to it, Otek’s model HI-Q116 is a perfect form and fit replacement with 21st century technology.


The 10” tall model HIQ114 bargraph features a large 51 LED array with automatic tri-color, 4 digit display, NEMA 4X front panel with all metal housing only 8” deep.  Specifications include: Isolated RS232/422/485 I/O, power input of 10-32VDC or 90-265VAC inputs for V/mADC including 4-20mA with built-in compliance for transmitters.  The display

Smart DPM/Remote Display with Serial I/O

The serial input (USB, RS232/485) remote display model HI-Q111 is compatible with any of the Otek HI-Q series controllers or any device with USB, RS232C/485 protocol ASCII character output.