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OTEK Corp to Supply Digital Bargraph Indicators for Nuclear Power Plant in California

August 2009: OTEK Corporation announces that it will supply state-of-the-art digital bargraph indicators for Southern California Edison’s San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS). The digital bargraphs will replace nearly 750 analog meters in the control rooms as well as the simulator of Units 2&3.

OTEK Corp Supplies Lockheed Martin with Custom Instrument for Weapon Simulator System

In December of 2005, Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training & Support operation in Orlando, FL contacted OTEK for the development of a custom bargraph indicator for use in a weapon simulator system, to provide feedback on ammunition availability.

The indicator needed to have 48 multi-color LED segments, no digital display, horizontal or vertical mount and special scale plate. OTEK used its model HI-QSLIM2 as base for the design concept. Exposure to frequent vibration also necessitated a change to the internal board connection.

OTEK Corp Monitors Critical Data on Raytheon's "Phalanx" Close-In Weapon System

Nearly (3) three years ago, the Raytheon Missle Systems in Tucson approached OTEK to develop a high-performance seven-segment, five-digit remote display for use in the front panel instrument assembly of the "Phalanx" Close-In Weapon System's local control station. Special Requirements included, but were not limited to, ACSII coded 0-9 and modified alpha and DP characters, and a 9600 baud rate.

OTEK Corp Supplies Florida Power & Light with Digital Bargraph Indicators

Tucson, AZ —OTEK Corporation adds Florida Power & Light, St. Lucie station, to the list of Nuclear Power Plants in the US that utilize state-of-the-art digital bargraphs in the control room in lieu of analog meters. The company recently completed the second supply phase covering several hundred custom bargraphs model HI-Q2000. This model was specifically designed to replace the Versatile VM2000 series instruments. The initial phase for an equal number of units was consummated in 2004.

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