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Politics & Subsidies in the Nuclear Climate Debate

In politics and ideology, it’s usually money that bridges the gap. In the on-going war over clean energy between the New Green Deal hystericals and America’s nuclear industry, the song remains the same—as a fine poet once wrote, Money Doesn’t Talk, It Swears.

Britain Goes 90 Minutes Without Coal

Over Easter weekend, when blues, pinks, yellows, and well-placed eggs were falling across the Western world, Great Britain decided to give the Bunny a run for his money—all the way back across three centuries. Harkening back to the 18th century’s industrial revolution, Britain set the world record for the longest period without coal-production with 90 hours completely devoid of that acrid black smoke rising over the emerald and fogged heaths. The previous record was set in April 2018 at 76 hours and 10 minutes.

Rebuilding Fukushima....Eight Years Later


A Secular Glance in Coal Among Northeastern Pennsylvania

Coal—the darkness animated by fire, the acrid smoke hurling future death into the air from chimneys, the ebony sheen, the stories deep in the black underworld of mines, the horrific recoil environmentalists liquefy into at the mention of its name, that long train whistle, burning dinosaur bones. Coal for all its uncovered malice, is nearly extinct in the United States.

A Homeric Look into Security Threats Facing the Water Treatment Industry

In a recent article published in Water Technology magazine, Indegy Director of Industrial Security and cyber-defense strategies guru Chris Grove draws attention to the types of cyber security threats currently facing industrial water facilities. What he extols is rather surprising—while nuclear power plants sit on a fevered pitch against cyber security hackers, Mr. Grove says that for the water treatment industry, the most subversive threat lies in what he terms “insider threats”.

There is No Other Way

At the Edge of Midnight, the End of an Epoch

As midnight steals over the Prime Meridian and the sleepy emerald lawns of Greenwich, England wave in the opening seconds of April 6th, 2019, an invisible calamity will begin to unfurl across the globe.

The Nuclear Question in June: ANS 2019

As the dry heat sinks into the sand this June here in Arizona, Otek president and owner, Dr. Otto P. Fest, will be traveling to the more humid saturation of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he has been invited to present his scholarly paper “Nuclear Main Control Room Obsolescence & Cyber Security Regulations Are New Challenges to Overcome”.

Will the American Nuclear Industry Lose Footing to an Eager World?

As U.S. soil continues to be a sensational battleground for a rabidly politicized energy debate, the rest of the world is marshalling for the throne. Resting for decades on the laurels of being the planet’s leading nuclear authority, a hysterical new wave has cascaded from the shores of California to Rockport, Maine, embroiling the United States in murky questions over its nuclear future—and the envious eyes of the east have been watching.


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