4-20mA > DPMs

Otek offers a wide variety of Bargraph Indicators and Digital Panel Meters that accept a 4-20mA current loop input. These can be both loop/signal powered displays with serial I/O or externally powered with the same functionality as a loop powered model but with control features such as relays and DAC output. Most models have built in linearization tables and polynomials as to be able to accurately display even a non-linear input like thermocouples and RTDs.

A wide selection of industry standard sizes are available along with the ability to custom manufacture an instrument that will meet any of your standards whether it be size, MIL-SPEC, EPRI-102323, Environmental, etc.

OTEK's 1PM is our smallest LED Digital Panel Meter (and Loop Powered). The unit is only 1" x 1.3", with 0.33" LEDs.

OTEK brings you the World's smallest LED Digital Panel Meter (and Loop Powered). That is why we call it the 1PM!  The size does not affect its reliability, performance and accuracy and we even managed to add the over-range indicator above the MSD so you know you have exceeded the full scale range. We added the negative sign indicator ("-") below the MSD so you know your signal is negative. You can adjust the Zero & span (+30% range) via 12 turn potentiometers on the rear and connections are made via standard 0.1" center headers for P.C.B. or panel mount. For panel mount, a polarized ? lter is available on request. The 1PM is a typical example of OTEK's Custom and Semi-Custom capabilities. If it can be done, we can do it!

OTEK's Model  APM  is a four (4) digit green , red or blue LED indicator that accepts standard avionics power of 5-32VDC (Green, Red or Blue digits) and intensity control voltage of 1.5 - 5V 50-440Hz (or DC/Resistance). OTEK's exclusive powerless technique allows the APM to be loop powered causing a maximum of 5VDC burden to the loop.  The APM only requires 2 wires to operate.
The heart of the APM is an ASIC that accepts VDC or mADC and can be scaled (internally) to any value. The unit mounts in a standard avionics 1" diameter hole with four (4) mounting screws and connects to Power and signal via a "Twist Lock" circular connector (DBC53H-10-6P, Mating Cable End: MS347640 (L or M) -6S).
The APM is fully sealed and it is not affected by differential pressure, liquid spray (NEMA4X) or humidity (See Specs.).
MIL-STD-461D, 462D, 704E, 130K, 810F, 889B2 & 1472F; MIL-HDBK-217F & 454A, RTCA-160F.


OTEK's BDM (1.88"W x 3.75"H x 2.70"D) is an 1/8 Din Bar-Digital Meter/Controller with automatic tricolor bargraph!

We shrunk the EBD!  By popular demand, we took our popular EBD (6x1.7x2") and made it fit in the industry's most popular panel meter size 1/8 DIN (3.6x1.6x2"), and kept all the outstanding features.  This is a reduction of almost 50% in size and price, but not in performance and quality!  The new BDM is ready for your DCS, SCADA or stand alone application with its autotricolor bargraph (popularized by OTEK in the nuclear and military industries) for best HMI (just like traffic lights).

GRADES: 3 grades are available: Hi-Rel Industrial (see specs.), Mil-Spec to specific standards, Nuclear to 10CFR50-B and to your requirements. Contact OTEK for availability.

SIGNAL CONDITIONERS:  20+ input signal conditioners are available (more soon).  See ordering information and description sections. 

ZERO AND SPAN: Either manual or via serial port. 

MATH FUNCTIONS: RTD, TC & X-Y linearization plus Tare, Offset, Scale, Peak and more are programmable via simple commands.
CONTROL OUTPUTS: 4 each relays or 4 open collector transistors for High, High-High, Low and Low-Low Control.


OTEK's DCS (3.26"W x 3.26"H x 1.69"D) is designed to replace our old 590 series meter as well the popular 3.5 barrel analog meters.

By popular demand we bring back the old "590" but with New Patented Technology so you can replace the old needle, fragile and inaccurate 19th Century Technology analog meters without changing your panel or wiring. Signal Powered: 4-20mA current loop and 4-30VDC, VAC, AAC, WAC & Hz-ideal for power line monitoring. Externally Powered: V & mADC, V & mA RMS, TC, RTD, Frequency (40-20KHz), pH (0-14), %RH, and customs. The external power options cover the entire industrial range of 5-32 VDC and 90-265VAC. Zero and Span adjustments (12 Turn Pots) are conveniently located on the front. Signal Conditioners:  20+ signal conditioners are available (see description) for Powerless™(Signal Powered) or externally powered applications.The DCS performs a self-test (C.O.P.) on power up for approximately 2 seconds.


Our New FPM (3.04"W x 2.04"H) series is a 4 1/2 digit flat pack meter which requires no panel cutout! 

Our New FPM Series is the 2nd generation of our famous "No Panel Cut-Out Required" meters introduced in 1976! The FPM uses ASIC and Nanotechnology to bring you a universal meter for all your applications (See Ordering Information For Listing of Input Functions). Mounting: Just drill a 3/8" (10mm) hole, pass the wires through it and connect them, that's all! Display: Bright 0.6" LED in red or green. Power Supply: Not needed for current loops or VDC signal inputs. That is why we call it PowerlessTM (5VDC for other input signals). Signal Inputs: Signal Powered: 4-20, 10-50mA or 3-30VDC. Externally Powered (5VDC): V/mA DC & RMS, Strain-Gage, RTD, TC, Hertz, %RH, pH, ORP, Peak & Hold or your custom inputs! Peak & Hold: The FPM has Peak & Hold with about 300us(3/sec) response. For high speed (>20KHz) see Option 37 Description.



The HI-Q 126 is part of Otek’s line of versatile programmable process controllers that are extremely adaptable and can be customized or programmed to fit a variety of process control systems and applications. This switchboard panel display features three 6-digit displays and 8 different alarm state indicator lights. Each display has the capability to be configured for range-based color control as well as display blinking and dimming. All displays and alarms are independent of each other but can be configured for a number of different scenarios and combinations. The HI-Q 126 is highly programmable and capable of displaying a large number of variables and scales, including watts, volts, amps, RPM, percent, or any sensor output such as a 4 to 20 mA output. Input linearization including polynomials, X-Y tables (TC & RTD), flow calculations, and a variety of other mathematical functions make this digital meter an ideal tool for process monitoring and automation. It is available with 1, 2 or 3 analog inputs, and with analog outputs, up to six 10 A relays or up to eight Open Collector Transistors. All settings are accessible over the meter’s serial port or through an optimal four-button keypad on the display face. Its ability to transmit readings makes this digital panel instrument ideal for integration with DCS, SCADA and other control system applications. This digital display is fitted with screw terminal connectors for all analog I/O, a DB-9 connector for the serial connection option and is compatible with USB 2.0 via a converter (USB Transceiver). The HI-Q126 process display is HMI/MMI qualified and compliant with many military, nuclear, and aerospace requirements.

Otek specializes in customizing instrumentation for process control and automation to fit a variety of needs. For more information please contact us. All of Otek’s products are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Sanitary Casing: Water tight and steam resistant up to 250° F. High Temperature/Impact window. Submersible and water tight.

Explosion Proof Casing: This meter meets Class I, Div 1 &2 groups B, C, and D; Class II, Div 1 & 2 groups E, F, and G; Class III, NEMA 3,4, 7, 9, and 12; FMC, CSA Cenelee and Baseefa requirements. Casted aluminum housing.