Otek strives to make all our products as obsolescence-proof as possible.  However, owing to the many innovations and changes in technology, parts availability for some of our older models is becoming an increasing concern. 

Otek, like many other manufacturers, is in the process of discontinuing many of our long-standing product lines, starting in December 2016 and continuing until we are unable to obtain parts.  The good news is that we have taken our 40+ years of experience and the latest technology to design innovative replacements.  Our new NTM, NT, UPM  and SSAM Series have been developed as Form, Fit and Function (FF&F) replacements for our legacy products as much as possible.  Our new lines incorporate the latest patented technology to continue to bring you the highest reliability at the lowest cost.  In addition, with our multi-vendor sourcing and modular construction, we are minimizing the risk of future obsolescence.

Products marked as “To Be Discontinued” will continue to be sold until parts are no longer available.  All products will still carry our limited lifetime warranty; however, they are now subject to part obsolescence. In other words, we will continue to repair and replace these units under warranty as long as parts are available.

Our dedicated engineering staff and sales team will work closely with you, our customer, to ensure a smooth transition during our discontinuation period.  If you cannot find a suitable replacement, just ask.  If we don’t offer it, we’ll make it!

Thank you to all our customers for your continued patronage.  Otek looks forward to our future together.