Digital Bargraph Meters


Otek offers a variety of digital bargraph meters in both switchboard and edgewise styles, LED or LCD displays.  Many of the bargraph indicators feature single color or automatic tri-color bars.  LCD bargraph meters offer an optional automatic tri-color backlight.

The LED switchboard meters and edgewise meters provide a bright digital and bar display for excellent view-ability/visibility of virtually unlimited process parameters, including DC Volts, current, temperature, RMS amps, etc., in practically any application.  The state-of-the-art automatic color changing and programmable bargraph indicators provide a high HMI factor; the digital bars and displays offer higher accuracy than most analog instruments.

Single, dual or triple display models are available in different sizes (including 1/8 DIN), externally or loop powered, with or without digital display.  Select bargraph meters are also nuclear qualified.

OTEK's TBD (3.10"W x 6"H x 3"D) is a triple isolated bar-digital controller/meter with 51 sgement auto tri-color bargraph and (3) four digit displays. Essentially, the unit can replace three units in one!  

A nuclear customer liked our model “EBD” and gave us the challenge to put 3 isolated channels in one case, make it to military standards 461,901,810 & 167 (Epri TR-102323R3), Class 1E, and keep the case< 4 inches deep!  Now you can benefit from their need, OTEK’s ingenuity and over 35 years experience in high quality instrumentation and its unique lifetime warranty