Digital Panel Meters > 4 or 4 1/2 Digits

Otek Digital Panel Meters are available with LED or LCD displays. The displays come in a variety of formats including 3-3.5, 4-4.5, or 5-8 digits. Digital Panel Meters are available in plastic or metal housing and can be built to meet your most stringent environmental conditions or MIL-SPECs.  Multiple signal input as well as power input options provide a solution for virtually any application.

OTEK's Process Data Logger PDL (3.78"W x 3.78"H x 3"D) was specifically designed to satisfy the need for long term and capacity data logging in "burn in" ovens for the semiconductor industry, as well as other high reliability applications.

The PDL is loaded with the latest technology (ARM7 Microprocessors, ASICS & DSP) and backed by Otek's over 35 year expertise, patents and exclusive lifetime warranty. 
Applications:  High volume/capacity/long term life test and failure analysis of semiconductor burn-in ovens or other multisignal monitor/control & data logging. Since the PDL has universal volts/mA DC inputs, any sensor/transducer can be easily interfaced to it.  The modular construction of the PDL lends itself to many economical custom variations. Contact Otek for your requirements.
1. THE DISPLAY: 5 color coded "assignable" displays to allow monitoring of any variable. At the push of a button (or Serial command) the operator can recall "Hidden" parameters related to the inputs (i.e. temperature, current, voltage).
The  PDL will revert to programmed permanent parameter after 10 seconds to allow for manual data logging or pro?le analysis
2. THE MEMORY: (16GB NVM). The memory card is removable (rear) and the PDL can 
address up to 16 GBType: SDHC up to 16 GB.



OTEK's SPM (3.78"W x 1.90"H x 2.70"D) is a signal or externally powered meter with an LED display.
With over 30 years in the Digital Panel Meter field, we had to bring you the best that technology would allow. The SPM is a combination of that expertise and newest technology in an industry's standard 1/8 DIN package. We started with a universal display (4 1/2 digit LED display) and embedded Sigma-Delta A/D. We added (Option 2) 3 1/2 LED .8" IF YOU DON’TSEE IT,ASK FOR IT!(Option 4) 4 LED .8" a "Bussed" mother board that we can add any of hundreds of designs from our 30+ years library to deliver the industry's only "Lifetime Warranted" Digital Panel Meter. Whether for Systems or just to monitor, control and/or communicate via Serial I/O. The modular construction of the SPM allows OTEK to customize to your needs without expensive N.R.E., set-ups or minimum orders.
Controller: When you order Serial I/O. (Digit 4 Options 1-3), you can order analog out (Digit 6) and/or relays (Digit 7) and we include math functions, X-Y tables & polynomials with it!
Displays: You can order the large 0.8" 3 1/2 or 4 digit LED or the 0.6" 4 1/2 LED. NEW white LED displays are now available!  Standard filter is red. For other colors use Option 9 on 8th digit and specify color (depending on availability).

The SRD (Serial Remote Display) brings information from a central computer network or SCADA system to a remote location with easy-to-read LCD or LED digits. In addition to being a remote digital indicator or slave display, the SRD can function as a programmable process controller, with both manual and reading-based operation. It is designed to work with any RS-232, RS-485, or USB network through an intuitive command set to display a message and control its relay and DAC outputs accordingly. In 1/8 DIN packaging, the SRD is easy to install and provides a simple solution to your industrial remote networking needs.


OTEK’s TLD (3.78"W x 3.78"H x 3"D) has 3 independent and isolated displays, driven from their own current loop (or external power) to concurrently display any 3 parameters which are all fit into a 1/4 DIN housing.

You talk, OTEK listens! We were requested to put 3 LPE's in one compact surface mount package with larger digits, like our HI-Q126, so we did it! Now you can have 3 independent and isolated displays, driven from their own current loop (or external power) to concurrently display any 3 parameters.  
Several options are available on the TLD: (See Ordering Information). You can have it as a:
1. 4-20mA input loop powered. (Powerless™)
2. V/mADC Signal powered. (Powerless™)
3. Externally powered for V, mA DC & True RMS, TC, RTD, S-G, %RH, pH ORP, Hz, etc.
The Grades Are: Nuclear (10CFR50B), Mil-Spec (to your MilStd.) or Industrial (to published specs.). The Power Inputs Are: Loop Powered, 5-48VDC or 90-265VAC.You can even power your 4-20mA transmitters with the optional 28VDC compliance. The TLD is available in plastic or metal case (for Mil & Nuclear) conforming 1/4 DIN (92 x 92mm) panel cutout, only 3" Deep. Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) versions on request. See Foot Note under Ordering Information.
1. Can I change the scale in the ? eld? Yes. Span &   Zero are located on the front for each channel.
2. Can I change the display color sequence? Yes. Use #9 and specify when ordering.
3. Can I change the display designation? Yes. Use #9 and specify.
4. Can I change the input signal type in the ? eld? No.
5. Do you have Peak & Hold? Yes. It is standard.
6. More Questions? Call OTEK at 520-748-7900