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Otek offers a variety of 4-20mA transmitters, re-transmitters, isolators and calibrators.  We have dozens of signal conditioners that can be used to excite the input from your transmitter and convert it to a current loop or voltage.

Otek offers models that can be powered from the input signal such as the CTT with its 0-5 amp input.  As well as offers models with optional displays so that the process variable can be both monitored at the panel as well as in the control room.

The HI-QCPM is a low cost solution to a wide range of process monitoring and control applications. It is part of Otek’s line of versatile panel instruments and features a 6-digit LED display with menu driven keypad.

This meter is a counter with a simple front panel push-button setup. One unit with a dual channel signal conditioner can be programmed to display large number of variables and scales, including watts, volts, amps, RPM, percent, or the ratio of the 2 signals or batch values. Independent span and zero for each channel allows two separate inputs to be calculated at the same time. Color options for the LED display include red or green with more available upon request. The voltage-to-frequency input signal conditioner converts the meter to an integrating totalizer or rate meter for voltage or current inputs.  Outputs may be scaled to display watts and total kilowatt hours, flow and total flow.  Custom curves may be programmed in the meter for accurately measuring nonlinear frequency or voltage inputs.  

 The HI-QCPM measures the period of the input and converts the reading to frequency or rate for fast control response, true peak reading capability and an analog output that accurately tracks the signal input.  The meter has a gate time selectable from 10mS to 199.99S and an adaptive digital filter that minimizes noise yet responds rapidly to an actual change in signal level. The peak value of the input signal can be displayed by pushing a front panel button.  The HI-QCPM provides an isolated 5, 10 or 24VDC output to power sensors. Transistors or dual 10 amp relays may be added to provide control outputs with the set points programmed by front panel pushbuttons. Its ability to transmit readings makes this digital panel meter ideal for integration with DCS, SCADA and other control system applications.  0 to 10V and 0-20mA analog outputs are available to drive chart recorders, remote displays or for transmission to a central control room.  

Otek’s HI-QDPM is available for users who need more functionality and control.

Otek specializes in customizing instrumentation for process control and automation to fit a variety of needs. For more information please contact us. All of Otek’s products are covered by a lifetime warranty.





The USB transceiver (1.2"W x 0.5"H x 1.2"D) will use any RS232 or RS485 I/O equipment with any USB port. All without a power supply or other parts (other than the cable).

Download our FREE set up software, select the comm. port, set it for 8N1, XON/OFF, 300 to921.6KBPS and connect the USB.The USB requires no external power since it drawsit from the USB port and because the RS232 connectors match the existing PC  DB9  (Male  DB9)you can directly plug the USB to the DB9 on yourequipment needing only one cable for the USB end.

For RS232:What you will need: 1 ea. DB9M to DB9F cableor extender (Digikey P/N AE-1020-ND) (TheUSB has DB9F). 1 ea. Mini-USB “Type B” cable4 position male (Digikey P/N AE13XX-ND,XX=Length).
For RS485: The RS485 version has screw terminal connectors(3). Half duplex (automatic direction control) connect a 120 Ohm terminating resistor across terminals 1 & 2 on First and Last unit in the bus. Use shielded twisted cable. Connect A to Pin 1, B to Pin 2, and ground to Pin 3.
1. Download our Free installation software and install on your USB computer or other equipment.
2. Select comport and set it for 8N1, X-ON/X-OFF and desired baud rate (300-921.6KBPS) on both ends.
3. Plug-In the USB side first, the LED on the USB will light up (power on), (Your PC will find the USB automatically), thenthe other end.
4. Confirm communications by sending messages from both ends.
* Upgrade legacy peripherals
* OTEK’s HI-Q and TR Series to USB
* Robotics * Card Readers
* Games and instruments to USB
* OTEK’s Wireless Products to USB