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OTEK Corp.

Formerly IMC (1972-1988) and its 50 Years of Innovations


Doing Business with OTEK

50 years of continuous innovation (>12 patents & pending) in the measurement and control field of critical Military, Nuclear, Energy, Aerospace, Medical, Exploration, Utilities industries, after 6 years (1966-72-Apollo 4-17) contributing to NASA’s Apollo Project.

Beginning with our model 100 for the Space Shuttle program, the industry’s 1st Powerless™ (4-20 mA Loop Power) DPM model 518 & culminating(so far) with the solution to analog meters obsolescence, inaccuracy, low resolution, limited life expectancy and dangerous "stuck needle" syndrome responsible for thousands of accidents and deaths! The Plug and Play (PNP) series that requires NO changes to present analog (and old digital) meters panel cut out, wiring, signal, power or even operators.




The PNP: is Cyber Security Exempt (NEI08-09) since it is all hardware design (no microprocessor) and since it can be 100% loop or signal powered (as low as 6 mW of energy required from the signal. (Working on 1mW!) and can be used in series with the loop (only 4V drop) and converted to serial data by the central computer in a typical SCADA or DAS and even has optional isolated alarm outputs (SPDT Reed relays, MOSFET and even 4-20mA current loop retransmission) and to complement the PNP meters, we developed and identical circuitry PNP current loop Transmitter series with dual displays (For input signal and output loop) all we did was: added plug in modules for power input, signal input and 4-20mA output and house them in Explosion Proof, DIN Rail or Panel mount. That’s All! The PNP is available in Mil Spec, Class1E & Industrial grades. How much will the PNP cost? Use our exclusive P/N & PRICE configurators, another Otek innovation!

THE POWER OF PLUG & PLAY ("One for All" and "All for One")

What’s "One For All"? One 4-20 mA Transmitter for All Inputs and All Loop Powered(Powerless™) Meters for One Input (4-20 mA) See P. 17 & 23 on PNP catalog(add link) At high seas or in I&C/Simulator in a NPP, the old meter can be replaced in 3 minutes by just: 1. Short out the current loop at the defective analog meter. 2. Remove the analog meter. 3. Mount the Adapter Plate(if required) and the PNP on it. 4. Connect the loop to the PNP and 5. Remove the short across the loop wires. That’s all! You can Mount any PNP in any present panel cut out using our panel adapters or directly (Stand Alone) on existing panel cut out as long as the model selected fits in the existing panel space, therefore all you need is One PNP for All replacements, eliminating the need of duplicate spares that saves you $ Millions! Just add our "STICKY" scale plate and ID # (A-Z and 0-9 [3 characters]) on the front filter see Catalog P.3 (add link).


Higher productivity = higher ROI! The analogs are 2-5% accurate (at shipping point) and very low resolution (~5-10% depending on scale & operator’s interpretation) but that depends on the operator’s parallax and other human factors. IOW: NOT HMI! A typical power station that uses analog meters operates at ~3-5% below optimum due to analog meters uncertainty, inaccuracy & low resolution. If your plant produces $1M/day of energy with analogs switching to PNP or NTM digitals will automatically allow you to increase your output (and income) by ~3-5% (or more). Therefore, every day that you use analogs, you’re losing $30-$50K x365=$11-18 MILLIONS ANUALLY! IOW: If you switch to PNP (or NTM) it’ll pay by itself, reduce labor($), human errors, spares, procurement, storage, insurance, etc. Watch our videos (add link). If you switch to Flat Screens will take you 3-5 years and >$150 MILLION/Plus NRC! Examples: Oconee, Limerick.


If your application requires "smart" meters/controllers (microprocessor based), in 2010 we develop and patented our very successful New Technology Meter (NTM) & Universal Panel Meter (UPM) Series that are equivalent to the PNP & HiQ except for the smarts of the NTM (Automatic tricolor Bargraph & Digital displays), Dry Contact to 10 A SPDT Opto-isolated power MOSFETs & analog outputs even PID! The UPM has Automatic tricolor Alphanumeric display instead of bar with both analog and digital input signals (math functions, log/anti-log, tables) all else is = as NTM, both with powerful GUI and our exclusive… P/N and Price "Configurators" (another 2012 Otek Innovation) so you can get p/n, cost, user’s manual (for specific model you build online)24/7 anyplace in the world. Our NTM and UPM are very popular in the Military, Nuclear (& other) Power plants and Water/Sewer treatment plants and we have hundreds of Custom Designed/Built models for all industries. We love the challenge! Check the NTM (add link), Check the UPM (add link)

Our products are classified as Obsolescence Hardened (we use generic multisource components) of >40 years, are warranted for life and are classified as >40 years CMTBF by our Military forces.
(Ref. : IEC 62402).


Input signals: See catalogs ORDERING INFORMATION. SIGNAL: all use same Plug In (SC) Powerless™ modules for current loop (4-20, 10-50 mA), VAC & DC, WAC & DC, AAC, W & DCV, Hz from 30-500Hz. For externally powered versions, we offer >50 plug-in modules so you can just plug & play 24/7 at highseas, space shuttle or NPP control room! CONTROL OUTPUTS: Isolated open collector & emitter NPN, SPDT MOSFET, "C" Reed Relay, dry contact to 10A SPDT, 4-20 mA transmission or retransmission, 0-0.5 VDC analog output and KIS/PID (yes PID)
Note: If NOT listed, contact us, we have many more or will design it.


IMPORTANT NOTE: prior technologies required a different model for different input. We develop over 80 Plug and Play Input Signal Conditioners, Power Inputs, Serial I/O & Control Outputs plug-in modules (< 1" Sqr.) so all we (or you) have to do is use the same identical mainframe (model#) and Plug & Play! they replace over 200 models (see PNP Cat. P.29) with four(4): PNP, NTM, UPM & CUSTOMS. I.O.W.: EVOLVE or PERISH!

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Know the Model # you want to replace? Search for it here: (link) or scroll the list and click on it for data sheet and then on mechanical replacement 2. Don’t Know the Model # to be replaced but know the input function? Type it here (link) to search ALL models that we offer or scroll the list and Click on the Model # and then on the mechanical replacement.
If NOT listed contact us: sales@otekcorp.com or 520-748-7900

If "On Request": Contact Otek for under lifetime warranty repair or custom build (if parts are available).