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BLOG Digitize with OTEK!
Digitize with OTEK!


OTEK provides a complete range of digital panel meters and current loop transmitters tailored for nuclear, military, and industrial purposes. OTEK's digital panel meters seamlessly replace outdated analog meters with digital counterparts that match in form, fit, and function. Whether you need to replace a single meter or overhaul an entire control room, the transition can be accomplished efficiently during a single outage period. OTEK offers versatile solutions to address various requirements, including their innovative "smart" bar-digital panel meters, which offer more than 20 mechanical options for replacing industry-standard mechanical meters

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BLOG OTEK Revolutionizes Replacing Obsolete Analog Meters
OTEK Revolutionizes Replacing Obsolete Analog Meters


How OTEK has managed to offer a comprehensive solution for aging I&C rooms in nuclear power plants.

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BLOG Why go Digital?
Why go Digital?

Tags: #pnp #ntm #upm #hi-q #dpm #panel-meter #digital #discrete

Digital panel meters have gained widespread popularity and are often considered superior to analog panel meters for several key reasons. While analog panel meters have their own merits, digital panel meters offer numerous advantages that make them more suitable for many modern applications. This post will cover some of the reasons why digital panel meters are often preferred.

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VIDEO Introducing OTEKs Innovative PNP Digital Panel Meter: Precision Redefined
Introducing OTEKs Innovative PNP Digital Panel Meter: Precision Redefined

Tags: #pnp #dpm #panel-meter #digital #discrete

In the dynamic world of industrial instrumentation, precision and reliability are paramount. Manufacturers and operators alike seek cutting-edge solutions to monitor and control various parameters critical to their processes.

In this pursuit, OTEK Corporation has emerged as a trusted name, consistently pushing the boundaries of technology and performance. Their latest offering, the PNP Digital Panel Meter, is no exception. Click below for a more in-depth dive into this solution.

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