New Technology Meter (NTM): Analog Panel Meter Replacement, Digital Panel Meter Replacment

We have taken the best of analog panel meters and digital panel meters to offer you our award winning New Technology Meters (NTM) - the third revolution in panel meter technology!

The NTM Series can be used as:

  • An existing analog panel meter replacement
  • An existing digital panel meter replacement
  • A new-installation digital panel meter and bargraph
  • A new-installation digital controller or transmitter
  • A replacement for an obsolete process controller
  • The possibilities are endless!

The NTM's patented and award-winning, loop-powered design allow for 100% Form Fit and Function (FFF) Replacement of many popular existing analog panel meters, with no additional power required. The NTM can also be used as a 100% FFF replacement for many aging and obsolete digital panel meters and bargraphs.

Please see the table below for a list of the NTM Features, as well as a list of the many existing analog and digital meters for which the NTM can be a drop in replacement.

The NTM Series Features:
  ● An Automatic Tri-Color Bargraph
  ● 4 Full Digits for 0.01% Resolition
  ● Bottom-Top-Bottom or Center Zero
  ● Full Bar or 1, 3 or 5 Segment Pointer
  ● 4 Relays / SSR Alarms
  ● 1 to 4 Isolated Channels
  ● 1 to 4 4-20mA Outputs
  ● Math Functions and Tables
  ● Isolated USB/485/Ethernet
  ● Self Diagnostics 
  ● DCS / SCADA / Stand Alone PAC
  ● Signal / Loop / Universal Power
  ● >10<100mW Power Requirement
  ● Input Failure Alarm and Report
  ● >30 Analog / Serial Inputs
  ● MIL / Nuclear / Industrial Grades
  ● Cybersecurity protections per NEI 08-09.
  ● SV&V Hardware and Firmware
  ● Explosion Proof Certified 
  ● DIN Rail / Panel Transmitter
  ● Customs Welcome
  ● Lifetime Warranty
  ● Proudly made in the USA
Replace Fit, Form & Function the:
Any 1/8 DIN DPM with the NTM-0 or NTM-B
  Sigma 9270 with the NTM-1
  Any 48 x 144mm meter with the NTM-1
  VMI 2000 with the NTM-2
  Any 72 x 144mm meter with the NTM-2
  DB40 with the NTM-3NTM-M or NTM-N
  Chessell 700 with the NTM-4
  Any 6 x 3" meter with the NTM-5   
  TBD with the NTM-5
  Bailey RY with the NTM-6
  Dixson 101 and 102 with the NTM-6
  Bailey 775 with the NTM-7
  Foxboro 257 with the NTM-8
  Any 6 x 1.75” meter with the NTM-9
  GE180 with the NTM-9
  Any 1/4 DIN meter with the NTM-A
  Sigma 9283 with the NTM-B or NTM-V
  590 with the NTM-D
  DCS with the NTM-D
  Any 3.5" analog meter with the NTM-D
  FPM with the NTM-F
  LPE with the NTM-L
  Any 2.9 x 1.5" with the NTM-L
  Dixson BE101 and BE 051 with the NTM-P
  HI-QSLIM with the NTM-S
  Any 6 x 1" meter with the NTM-S   
  Any explosion proof meter with the NTM-X

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