HI-Q119 Automatic Tricolor Bargraph Replaces Analog Meters, Nuclear Qualified

Available with either 1 or 2 bargraphs and digital display(s), Otek’s model HI-Q119 replaces “form and fit” any 6” bargraph, either analog or unicolor LED units without the need for expensive panel changes.

The unit is packed with proven 21st century technology, such as dual microprocessor, math functions, polynomials, X-Y tables, Span, Tare, Zero, pointers, blinking, dimming, RS432/422/485, 18 bit A/D, excitation output (for transmitters), relays (6) or O.C.T. (8) , any analog-digital input, 10-32VDC or 90-265VAC power input, all in a 100% metal housing NEMA 4X rated.  Use for either stand-alone monitor/control or as a serial remote display for SCADA and DCS systems.

The HI-Q119 is available in nuclear(10CFR50), military and commercial grades as a replacement for discontinued 6” Edgewise style units such as GE/YOKOSAWA “180”, Prime/ Sigma/ Int’l Inst. “1151” and “1152” or Weschler/Westinghouse “VX251/252”, for example.