New Part Number Builder for NTM Series

To avoid unnecessary delays in the ordering process, we are giving the power back to our customers by providing an online do-it-yourself part configurator for our NTM series. As a customer, you will be able to build a part and get pricing within seconds. You can begin your search by selecting the housing size you need, your input signal or power input requirements, or even your channel requirements (etc). If your still not sure which models suits you best, the configurator offers a side-by-side comparison of up to four models.

Once you have decided on a model, you can easily click through to begin building a complete part number and any specific options you have previously selected will carry over. As you select options and features, conflicting options become unavailable, making it easy to build a fully functioning unit. Complex decision making algorithms ensure that the end-result will comply with OTEK’s manufacturing capabilities.

Once a complete part number is built, you can receive pricing and download a customized user’s manual with technical information and connections for that specific unit.

In conclusion, OTEK Corporation’s NTM is the only instrument that allows you to:
1.      Replace any of your current (analog or digital) instruments, without rewiring or running extra power, to digital technology.
2.      Have peace of mind, with its exclusive signal failure detection and alarming that communicates a failure both on its display and to supervisory equipment.
3.      Have a customizable LED tri-color bargraph with up to 4 set-points and an LED digital display (-
4.      Build a part number online, receive pricing 24/7 and print/view a customized user’s manual for your specific part.