Triple Automatic Tricolor Bargraph HI-Q117 Meets Nuclear, Mil0-Spec and Industrial Specs

Otek’s model HI-Q117 programmable intelligent controller was designed to replace from and fit T.A. Bailey’s model 775.  The unit has three 51 segment bargraphs and (3) 4-digit displays.  That’s not all; the P.I.C. series offers many standard and optional features.  The standard features are:  match functions, RS232C I/O, automatic tricolor bargraph and color coded (red, green and yellow) digits, floating point math, center, top or bottom zero, display pointers, display blinking and dimming.  All functions are easily configurable in minutes.  The basic configuration is used as a remote display for PLC, DCS and SCADA systems.

The optional features include:  Isolated RS232C/485/422 translator, isolated analog outputs (4-20mA and 0-5VDC) isolated 18 bit, 3 channel A/D for inputs of 4-20mA, VDC/mADC, True RMS, thermocouple, RTD, strain-gage, watts (DC and RMS), and more.  The on-off controlling outputs include 6-10A relays or 8 open collector transistors, as well as isolated transmitter’s compliance of 30VDC/30mA.  Power inputs of 10-32VDC and 90-265 VAC are available.

Nuclear qualified (10CFR50) units are available.