Digitization - A Necessary Connection

Whether we like it or not, the world is going digital.

Finland Shinning a Light for the World

There is an island off the southeastern coast of Finland where something remarkable is happening. A first of its kind, a pioneering of humanity designed to outlast humanity itself. A dark, desolate, bottomless tomb carved into the very bedrock of the earth where a faceless danger capable of liquefying life will be exiled forever—the entrance sealed over and marked with a warning to all future eyes:

This place is not
a place of honor

In Memoriam - Fukushima & the NRC

In commemoration of the March 11th, 2011, nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued new legislation aimed at imposing further rules on the U.S. nuclear industry.

Jane Fonda and Unfounded Nuclear Hysteria

“Hey Jack look at this water level indicator, water level’s low.”
“This one says it’s high”
“But that’s…that’s impossible….”

The New Green Deal, Sensationalism, and Nuclear Energy

In a recent article submitted to the Philadelphia Enquirer, the question of nuclear plant life extension was examined from both angles of the spectrum. Those in opposition, such as the anti-industry “Beyond Nuclear” group mentioned in the article, are spurred on by the recent left-wing hysteria surrounding the proposed New Green Deal, which champions the use of solar and wind energy over that of the nuclear industry.

Untangling the Truth About Clean Nuclear Energy

Lost among the sensational daily calamity of life nineteen years into the 21st century is the truth. So muddled in the mire of incessantly wagging tongues salivating for their chance to wrest it to their notion of it, their screeching determination of what’s its purpose should be, or buried in the muck of western culture flailing like lunatics trying to vault one another, that it more than likely will never be found again. Maybe we never had it at all.

Last Thoughts on Analog Obsolescence in the Nuclear Industry

Concluding our blog series on analog replacements in the nuclear industry, we come full circle with analog obsolescence. We know the players, the history, the finances, the politics, and above all else we know this—analog obsolescence is not going away. It has been growing like an unruly vine since the first digital panel meter emerged into the light of day.

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