With an Eye Beyond Obsolescence



Another Weschler Bites the Dust



The Athlete, the Analog, and a Comparative Future

The Weschler KX-241 is like an aging athlete. It was a wunderkind when it first arrived on the scene and there was apprehension at its newness, then it won the crowd over and performed admirably during the breath of its campaign, even had some peak moments of unparalleled greatness, and now is fading into the twilight obsolescence at the close of a long career. It has been said great athletes do not age well.

Obsolescence Upgrades from Otek



International Instruments Potential Reached--Whats Next? Otek & the DPM Revolution


More Pitfalls of the Analog Age--the Hays Cleveland D03600 & It's Future


Imagine you're working in an I & C room with numerous meters and display panels strewn over every conceivable wall, and you need to perform daily checks. Does this five gauge meter above look "easily readable from a distance" and do you trust that its "full size is used to assure big-gauge accuracy and sensitivity" as its data sheet claims? Common sense is all that should be required here to answer no.

Yes, We Replace Obsolete DPM's as Well as Analogs!

   Founded in 1964, Vehicular Instrumentation Systems (VIS) was a privately controlled company under the brand name Dixson, which specialized in gauges, meters, and other measurement devices for the automotive industry. When Dixson was acquired by the global manufacturer Ametek thirty years later in 1995 as a specialty division, their aim spread to instrumentation control for a broad host of applications—which allowed the company to extend a rather lengthy foot in the door of, at the time, the burgeoning Digital Panel Meter market.

Trade In Your Crompton 007 for Model Manufactured in this Century

   Crompton Instruments has been making analog meters since 1881. That’s over 140 years of instrumentation that has served the industry faithfully despite its inherent limitations. Good help may be hard to find, but let’s get real here—it’s 2019, wouldn’t you say it’s about time for a meter made in this century?

Form, Fit, & Function Replacement for Foxboro 257

   Obsolescence is inescapable. With each passing year analog technology is rendered more and more useless by the prodigious advances of its digital counterparts. This is due to a variety of issues, most notably: inaccuracy, inefficiency, subjectivity, and quite simply, age. Progress eliminates that which cannot keep pace. After all, the Model-T went to wayside when the Mustang became available.

Enrico Fermi, the Chessel 700, and the End of an Era

   On December 2nd, 1942, the Chicago Pile-1, the world's first nuclear reactor, went critical and Enrico Fermi was christened "the Architect of the Nuclear Age". Born in 1901 in Rome, Fermi, an innovative physicist, would emigrate to the United States where his legacy would ultimately pave the way for Robert Oppenheimer to remark in 1945, "Now I am become Death. The destroyer of worlds."


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