Appendix B Program Update - October 2016

Otek Corporation continues to make great progress in our efforts to update our procedures in order be a direct supplier to the US Nuclear Power Fleet.  

Within the last two months, the Otek team has accomplished the following objectives:

Welcome Aboard, DG Nuclear

We are proud to announce that DG Nuclear Group will be representing Otek products to the Nuclear Power Industry in the SE United States and Texas!

Appendix B Program Update - August 2016

Otek Corporation continues to make great progress in our efforts to update our procedures in order be a direct supplier to the US Nuclear Power Fleet.  Our plan is to manufacture, sell and support Otek Intelligent Instruments for Class 1E Nuclear Safety Related applications as specified under NRC regulations 10CFR50 Appendix B and 10CFR21.

Otek to attend NUOG Annual Meeting

Otek will be attending the 2016 Annual Nuclear Utility Obsolescence Group (NUOG) Meeting, July 18-20 in Washington, DC.

NUOG was formed in February 2000 in order to share information and solutions for dealing with equipment obsolescence issues at nuclear power plants. The group has expanded to include representatives from all of the US operating plants, many Canadian plants and international operators including Argentina, Brazil and England.

Annual NUPIC Vendor Meeting, June 22, 2016, St. Louis, Missouri

Otek was in attendance at the 25th Annual Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC) Vendor Meeting. Over 350 representatives of nuclear utility companies, QA organizations, auditors, professional organizations and suppliers to the nuclear industry were in attendance. Otek’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Tony Spear, attended the all-day session which included the following:

Otek to be closed the week of July 4, 2016

Otek Corporation will be closing for the US Independence Day Holiday on Monday, July 4 and continue to be closed the rest of the week. We will be back and ready-for-business on Monday, July 11, 2016.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day.


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Failing to see The Big Picture

If you are concerned about climate change, or about the USA's energy and economic security, please read the following article and sign the petition.


Recent Projects - June 2006

We've been doing some really interesting projects here at Otek these last few weeks. Thanks to the following customers for their interest and trust. We are honored that you selected Otek Intelligent Instruments to support instrumentation needs.

Here are a few recent projects:

Appendix B Program Update - June 2016

Otek continues to make great progress on our 10CFR50 Appendix B program, which will give Otek the capability, under United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission statutes, to build and sell Otek Intelligent Instruments directly to the US Nuclear Power Plants for Class 1E safety-related applications.

Otek Hi-Q Products to be Discontinued

In this high-tech world that we all inhabit, new technologies emerge while older technologies fade away.Otek Hi-Q119 meter Sometimes the old tech just doesn't measure up anymore. Sometimes, however, the old tech is a great product that keeps going and going, but the parts that were used to build the old tech are becoming harder and harder to find and purchase.


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